Twice the Love

An Award Winning Parenting Book about raising twins and multiples!

Twice the Love is a Winner of the 2007 Best Parenting/Family Book in Reader Views Annual Literacy Awards!  Compilied and edited by Susan M. Heim, cartoon artistry by John M. Byrne.  This book is a compilation of 82 inspiring stories written by parents and other family members about their joys and challenges of raising multiples.

"Twice the Love" is filled with humours and inspiring anecdotes and the stories are grouped into small collections by topics such as, "Treasured Moments" and "Michievous Multiples" and were all submitted by readers of TWINS™ Magazine.  214 pages, softbound 4-3/4 x 7 1/2

A small paperback, "Twice the Love" is a compilation of stories of inspiration for families of twins and multiples. It contains 82 separate tales and features the cartoon artistry of John M. Byrne. This is a limited edition publication of Twins Magazine, publisher, Sterling Investments I, LLC.