Premature Twins and Triplets - Special Report

A TWINS™ Magazine Special Report

Compiled by the Editors of TWINS™ Magazine
Published by TWINS™ Magazine

Slightly more than half of all multiple children are born prematurely. For parents of premature infants, understanding our complex healthcare system and the progress of their babies to self-sufficiency can be intimidating and confusing.

This special report provides valuable information for parents who are facing lengthy visits to their local neonatal intensive care unit for weeks or even months after the birth of their children. Containing 19 articles by experienced professional healthcare providers and parents who have successfully negotiated the challenges of the NICU, this report covers numerous topics of concern for parents of permature babies.

In addition to several helpful articles regarding the NICU and the processes associated with such stays, Premature Twins and Triplets also includes comprehensive information concerning bringing babies home after the NICU, monitoring at home for apnea and the proper feeding of premature babies.

44 pages, softbound
8-3/8 x 11 x 1/8"